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Light drives away darkness and brightens up our lives. It plays a very crucial role in the safety and comfort of the guests of your hotel. Like the furniture, the colour of the room, the wall designs, lighting significantly contributes to the decor and ambiance of the room.

The most welcoming feature in any hotel is the lighting of the area. Lights increase the beauty and the decor creating a calm and soothing experience to every guest who walks in to the hotel. Hotel is a place considered for relaxation, a break from routine, for family affairs or office tours. Lighting contributes significantly to the mood of the guests.

Lighting in various areas of a hotel:

  1. Hotel entrance and lobby: This is the first place the guests comes in contact as he enters the hotel. This area should be well illuminated. This is done to create a welcoming atmosphere to the guest. False ceiling, chandeliers, and high power lights hanging from ceiling like pendant lights can be used.
  2. Reception area and the desk: This area need to be very brightly lit. It just needs light. It could be lit with a panel of lights on the top counter or any light fittings can also be used. This is to draw the attention of the guest as they walk in towards the reception desk.
  3. Bars and lounges: Table lamps can be used to create small focal points to give a warm welcome and attract the guests towards the main attraction.
  4. Restaurants: It is the general trend to maintain very dim light in the restaurant. But the atmosphere and ambiance can be created by using the pool lights.
  5. Conference halls and party halls: These rooms are used for various occasions like to organise an event, conference, or for parties etc.  Good lighting should be available. The lighting should be focussed from the ceiling to add a natural environment and beauty to the room.
  6. Rooms: The rooms should be illuminated but not brightly. The room does not require lights. This is because the different places in the room will be lit based on its utility.
  7. Bathroom: The bathroom should be well illuminated. Care should be taken to use vapour free lamps to avoid moisture content on it.
  8. Stair case: This is the potential place for trip and fall accidents. The staircase should be very well illuminated. The lighting could be overhead along the wall, below the railing, or could be along the wall too.
  9. Corridor: This area should not be dark. Should have enough lighting. The light in the corridors should be enough to see the room number displayed on the door.


Types of lighting:

Lighting should be of 4 types.

  1. Direct lighting: Here light is directed straight from the bulb in to the room. It is as seen in floor and table lamps where the light is directly shining inside our room.
  2. Indirect lighting: Lights are directed against the wall or ceiling and from there it is reflected back into the room.
  3. Semi direct lighting: In this form of lighting some of the lights are directed into the room and others to ceiling from where it is reflected back.
  4. Diffused lighting: The light source or the bulb is totally enclosed and light is diffused through a translucent shade or material.

Tips for hotel lighting:

  1. Light planner’s advice has to be sought regarding the design and the lighting layout to avoid negative impression from the guest. For this purpose you can contact Scotlight Direct for their services.
  2. The lighting in the hotel should be adapting to the day and purpose for what each room is used.
  3. The concept of the hotel has to be maintained. While trying to use lights the concept should not be altered.
  4. The prime concern is to see all the areas in the hotel receive good and adequate lighting.
  5. Quality is important than quantity. Best quality lights and fixtures should be used.
  6. Natural light should be available in all rooms and use it to the maximum.
  7. LEDs can be used to save power.

Home Lighting Beauty

Lighting adds to the beauty, ambiance, and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, care should be taken to give the best in lighting to the guest.