Soul music brings stress relief

Using Music to Heal

We all know that music can help someone transcend any issues in their life, be those troubling psychological issues or even physical ailments. We now know that old tunes can stir forgotten memories in people and rouse them from either comas or deep periods of unresponsiveness.

Whether your joy is jazz music or you brood along with blues…whether you cock your head to the side for classical or you root for your favorite rockers — we all have a passion for tunes.

There has recently been evidence of music helping Alzheimer’s victims remember things that they thought they forgot. It has helped people who had resorted to strict solitude come out of their shells and begin speaking to caregivers and loved ones. is a place to discover, learn about and enjoy all types of soothing, soul-nourishing music in all forms. Feel free to browse the pages, posts and sounds available here and let the music melt away any stress. Let it penetrate your mind and body and maybe — just maybe — it could heal your body of physical problems. We are not sure of any limits that music has, or indeed, anything in this universe. Allow yourself to be taken away by the power of sound and let it fly you on your own personal journey.


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